Staff Recognition Nominees during UoN@50

Names of Awardees/Designation



Achiever Narrative

Mr Michael  J. Mangala, Lecturer

For His Continuous Commitment and Contributions In The Promotion Of Nuclear Science Technology Applications In The Country Through Project Grant Funding, Education And Research.    

  1. For his contribution over the years through his scientific publications;
  2. Participation in NuPEA committee in promoting the roadmap towards nuclear electricity generation in Kenya;
  3. For being the country lead Project Counterpart in International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) projects geared to the promotion of non-destructive testing, support of the Non-Destructive Testing Society (NDTS) and application of Isotopes in Industry. INST has benefited in major instrument support, and IAEA has trained many students through the projects; KEN 1004, KEN 1005 and KEN 1006.  

Ms Susan Karuga,

Tutorial Fellow

For Her Scholarly Contribution in Innovation, Publicity, and Outreach In The Promotion of Nuclear Science


  1. For her significant contribution to the development of an electrospray module that has resulted in a patent.
  2. For the promotion of the image of UoN and INST by being awarded the best technology presented Poster at the European Aerosol Technology (AT2018) Conference in Bilbao, Spain, 18-20 June 2018.
  3. Secretary of INST Women in Physical Sciences Group, a voluntary group for sensitizing female students to take Physical Sciences and Engineering at university and continue to postgraduate studies.

Mr John Birir,

Tutorial Fellow,

For His  Scholarly Outstanding Contribution In Research, Publicity, And Professional Services In The Industrial Applications  Of Nuclear Science


  1. Publishing a best Journal paper featured on the front pages of the American Institute of Physics Advances Journal in 2020 and celebrated in the Kenyan and Indian media.
  2. He also contributed immensely to establishing the Non-Destructive Testing Society (NDTS) in Kenya and was the first chairman and currently the General Secretary.


Mr Simon Bartilol,

Chief Technologist

For His Continuous and Consistent participation in; Proficiency Tests in Nuclear Analytical Techniques, Publicity, and contribution to High Impact Research in the peaceful application of Nuclear Science

  1. Has consistently and continuously improved the quality of application and methodologies of Nuclear Analytical Techniques through inter-comparison and proficiency tests that has enhanced the credibility of results and promoted the image of the Institute and UON at large.
  2. Has continuously provided technical support to students and researchers that have led to the publication of papers.


Mr Jethro Wanjala Kimande

M.Sc Student

For his outstanding contribution to Publicity,  Innovation  model in farming, and record time completion of MSc degree program at the Institute of Nuclear Science & Technology

  1. Represented the Institute in the Nairobi A.S.K International Trade Fair 2018, show casshowcasingdoor auto Greenhouse” innovation project. The project was  among others, won  the  University stand for  the best  innovation Award for the Trade Fair and was featured widely in the Standard newspaper.
  2. He has published research on infrared as a non-destructive testing technique in scheduling preventive maintenance in transformers in the International Journal for Computer Applications.
  3. He has represented the Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology to showcase his innovation projects during the 2017, 2018 and 2019 University Open days.