Completed Msc Thesis

  1. Mr. Anakoli, Kenneth Andibo (2020). Quantification of Uranium and Thorium at Cheptais Anomaly Using Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Method for Mineral Content and Evaluation of Associated Radio-ecological Hazards.
  2. Mr Gachara, Charles Waithaka (2020). Electrohydrodynamic Atomization of Non-newtonian Liquids With High Solid Content- a Case Study for the Production of Powder. 
  3. Mr Kariithi, Fredrick Kamau (2020). Investigation of the Behavior of Electrohydrodynamic Atomization inside a High-Pressure Environment.
  4. Ms Kikechi, Margaret Benedetta (2020). Evaluation of Effectiveness of Non-Destructive Testing Techniques for Inspection of Critical Aircraft Components- A Case of the Kenyan Aviation Industry.
  5. Mr. Lusi, Spencer Kirawa (2020). Comparative evaluation of the components of Biogas Digestive Slurries and their effects on Agricultural soil
  6. Ms Mwangi, Nancy Nyawira (2020). Analysis of Black carbon and Particulate Matter Levels in the Ambient Air: A Case Study in Nairobi City.
  7. Ms Wamere, Kanguha Lynda (2020). Assessment Of Heavy Metals Pollution Using Xrf Spectrometry– A Case Study Of Kilimapesa Hill Gold Mines Processing Plant Area, Narok County. 
  8. Mr Wanjala, Cleophas Simiyu (2020). Application of nuclear logging techniques in hydrocarbon reservoir characterization: The case study of Pombo-1 well in offshore Lamu Basin-Kenya.
  9. Mr. Ondieki, Jephter Ongige (2020). Mapping radioactive minerals using remote sensing: A case study of Mrima Hills Kwale County, Kenya2019:
  10. Ms Rebecca Injete  Lusimbo (2019). Assessment of Radiological Hazards Associated with Indoor NORM Dose Exposure in Residential Houses in Nairobi, Kenya.
  11. 2019: Ms Ndunge Grace (2019). Analysis of Minerals and Trace metals in Beetroots using Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence.
  12. Mr David Ng’ang’a (2019). Calibration and Application of Low-Cost Optical Particle Counters in PM2.5 Studies in Nairobi Urban Aerosol.
  13. Ms Wendy M. Adwet Omolo (2019). A Study of the Operational Process of Anaerobic Ponds of Dandora Waste-water Treatment Plant: Radio-tracer Application.
  14. Ms Evalyne Jepkorir Rotich (2019). Characterization of honey from selected counties in Kenya based on Physiochemical Parameters and Chemometric Methods.
  15. Mr. Rotich Nelson Kiprono (2019). Determination of essential trace metals on soils and selected food crop in Molo ward at Nakuru County.
  16. Mr Ronald O. Ochieng (2019). Safety of Construction Workers Using the Nuclear Moisture-Density Gauge in Construction Projects in Kenya.
  17. Wilson Macharia Kairu (2016). Non-Destructive testing of concrete structures using Schmidt Hammer and Proformeters 5+.
  18. Mr. Stephen Ochieng Kabasa (2016). Environmental radiation exposure hazard associated with coal deposits of Mui Basin Block C, Kitui County.
  19. Ms Anne Wambui Mutahi (2016). Aerosol impact at high altitude: a case study at 4800 m on Mt. Kenya.
  20. Ms Chritine Nyawira Matidi (2016). Analysis of heavy metal content in water hyacinth (Eichhornia Crassipes) from Lake Victoria and assessment of its potential and feedstock for biogas production.
  21. Mr Wilson Okong’o Agata (2016). Distribution of normalized relative strontium in the femur of an adult Kenyan population.
  22. Mr. Peter Kimani Njogu (2016). Enhancement of X-ray images for industrial applications.