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Mercy Nyambura Kamau

Nutrient Status and Mineralogical Composition in Africa Soils: Method development and Application of X-ray Diffraction and associated instrumentation

  1. Prof Michael Gatari
  2. Prof Keith shepherd

Bendibbie M. Mulwa

 Radioactivity in the Ecosystem of Mrima Hill area in Kenya: Application of Multivariate Techniques and Spatial Modeling

  1. Prof Michael Gatari
  2. Prof Douglas Miano

Susan Waiyego Karuga

Optimization of the solid-solid interface between the electrolyte and electrode in a solid-state lithium-ion battery: Application of electrospray techniqu

  1. Prof Michael Gatari
  2. Prof Jan Marijnissen
  3. Prof Erik Kelder

Abdub Galgallo Huri

Value of Soil-Plant Spectral Tests in Reducing Farmer Decision Uncertainty.

  1. Prof Michael Gatari
  2. Prof Keith shepherd


John Kiprotich Birir.

Method development of super-resolution imaging of ultrasonic guided waves.

  1. Prof Michael Gatari
  2. Prof. Michael Muia
  3. Prof. Prabhu Rajagopal
  4. Prof Sixtus Mwea

Wilson Macharia Kairu

Method development for online structural health monitoring of concrete using embedded acoustic waveguide sensors

  1. Prof Michael Gatari
  2. Prof. Michael Muia
  3. Prof. Prabhu Rajagopal
  4. Dr Siphila Mumenya

Kennedy Kiprotich Kilel

Application of Natural Radioactivity as Radiotracer for Sediment Transport Studies in Mombasa, Kenya

  1. Prof Michael Gatari
  2. Prof Jacques Bezuidenhout

Germana William Mlay

Impact of Radioactivity in the Ecosystem of Manyoni District in Singida Region, Central Tanzania and Implication in the Perspective of Human Health

  1. Prof Michael Gatari
  2. Dr. Innocent J. Lugendo

Magdalene Katungulu Nguli

Application of Ionizing Radiation in Mutation Breeding of Common Beans (Phaseolus vulgaris).

  1. Prof Michael Gatari
  2. Prof Keith shepherd


MSc Research Work


  1. Evaluation of Radiological Hazards Associated to quarry mining in Bomet           County, Kenya
  2. Assessing soil viability for agribusiness - Donyo Sabuk (Malaa)
  3. Assessment of Fish Samples from Aquaculture Farms in Nairobi for Essential and Non-Essential Trace Elements: Implication in Nutrition, Health and Toxic Heavy Metal Contamination
  4. Environmental radiological and heavy metal pollution: Impact on artisanal gold mining, Kapsaos, Nandi County
  5. Evaluation of the Impact of Floods on Availability of Essential Trace Elements in Soils, Water and Vegetables in Budalangi, Busia County
  6. Assessment of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and trace metals in ambient air around Nairobi City, Kenya
  7. A study of the thermoluminescence characteristics of Kenyan fluorite for use as a TLD raw material for environmental radiation monitoring.
  8. Development of a Low Cost – Microcontroller Based Gamma Column Scanner with Wireless Data Acquisition System.
  9. Structural health evaluation of the Kenyan pipeline system (line 1 – Mombasa to Nairobi).
  10. Evaluation of Some Trace Elements in Esophageal and Stomach Cancer Patients: An Early Diagnostic Screening Tool in Kenya.
  11. Determination of heavy metals in water and sediments of the River Perkerra in Baringo Country.
  12. Characterization of fluorspar mining for associated radiological hazards in Kerio Valley, Kenya.