Installation, commissioning, and training of the Ground Penetrating Radar for concrete structures


Staff at the Institute of Nuclear Science Underwent training on the use of Ground-penetrating radar (GPR) Construction Scan -1700 3D donated by the International Atomic Energy Agency through the project KEN1005 'Strengthening Existing Resources for Training, Research, and Application of Radiation Technologies in Industry and Environmental studies'. The training was conducted by IAEA expert Andrey Padenko from Geotech LLL Moscow Russia between 17th to 20th January 2022 and covered various sections such as:

  • General Safety and CErtification
  • Theory of Principles of Operation Construction Scan-17000
  • Components and technical specifications construction Scan-1700
  • Field Practicals in the Operation of the Construction Scan Construction Scan-1700
  • Interpretation of construction scan data results; GPR scanning & Data Processing, Profile Interpretation, Profile Mapping. Layer by layer Interpretation of Profiles, 3-D visualization of GEOSCAN program, and report writing