Training Course on Aerosols Science and Technology

November 11, 6:00 am

Institute of Nuclear Science & Technology

The Institute of Nuclear Science & Technology has organised for a training course on Aerosols Science and Technology which will be taking place from 11th to 15th November 2019 at the  Institute of Nuclear Science & Technology, University of Nairobi.


Institute of Nuclear Science & Technology

The course will cover the following topic:

  1. Introduction: - Aerosol Science and Technology
  2. Aerosol Properties – size, shape, number, electrical charge
  3. Newtonian Laws of Motion – Inertia, Force and Conservation of energy.
  4. Gas/particle; particle/particle; particle/obstacle Interactions
  5. Health Effects – Inhalation and occupational health
  6. Occupational and environmental effects and Occupational regulation concerns
  7. Optical Properties - Visibility and aerosols
  8. Assessment - Sampling and analysis
  9. Filtration and scrubbing
  10. Industrial emissions control
  11. Cyclones
  12. Mobility analyser
  13. Optical counters and aerosol photometers
  14. EPA PM 10 samplers – Design and Testing
  15. Design of a Biological Aerosol Inlet
  16. Testing Methodology

Course Participation fee Ksh. 20,000/= per participant, payable to KCB: Account name: College of Architecture & Engineering (CAE), University of Nairobi, Branch: Kenya Commercial Bank, University Way, Account No: 1104698676 and be sent to the Director, Institute of Nuclear Science & Technology, P.O. Box 30197-00100, Nairobi.

Event contact information

For enquiries contact Michael Gatari through or