Research Week 2020: 3rd Annual Architecture and Engineering Conference

October 12, 8:00 am

We are happy to announce the 3rd Annual Architecture and Engineering Conference 2020 hosted by the College of Architecture and Engineering in the University of Nairobi under the theme:

“Research and Projects on Innovations in Technology and Manufacturing, Sustainable Environment and Secure Energy Systems”

Architecture and Engineering Conference 2020 provides an international forum for reporting progress and recent developments in research activities in Universities and industries. AEC2020 aims to propel research output towards promoting sustainable livelihood in various sectors of the economy.

The Conference aims at bringing together researchers, innovators and students both local and international in the fields of Architecture and Engineering to share knowledge and experiences on topics that are timely and reflect the latest scientific advances in the areas covering the following sub-themes:

  • Innovations in Technology and Manufacturing
  • Sustainable Environment
  • Secure Energy Systems
  • Design and Development Projects

Please note that papers may fall under the following sub-themes

  • Advances in materials technology; lab-scale to start-up development
  • Advances in communications technology; models, systems and infrastructure development
  • Advances in renewable energy systems; science, technology and adoption
  • Technologies for environmental sustainability
  • Robotics and AI for developing economies
  • Advances in waste management

Paper Registration Competition

To encourage more University of Nairobi students and researchers to present their valuable research results in AEC2020, the committee will endeavour to sponsor the first 20 papers that will be submitted through

Registration Fees

All students                                       Ksh. 500

E.A. participants                               Ksh. 1,000

International participants                 USD 20

Conference Timeline

  • Paper submission deadline: 30th July, 2020. Papers should be submitted via email to
  • Paper acceptance notification deadline: 30th August, 2020
  • Registration deadline: 12th September, 2020
  • Papers ready for publication deadline: 7th October, 2020
  • Conference dates: 12th-14th October, 2020

Author Guidelines

Paper Submission Guidelines

Paper Title………………..

Author(s), Affiliation, email address

The paper needs to be structured as follows:

  • Introduction: this section should have 1-2 sentences that introduces the subject matter being addressed in the paper
  • Research Problem/Purpose: State the purpose of the study or paper to be submitted containing 1-2 sentences.
  • Rationale: this section should contain 1-3 sentences that clearly indicate the issue of interest/scientific question of the study and its importance, theoretical, conceptual, policy and institutional frameworks points can also be declared here.
  • Methodology/Methods/Research Approach: this section should contain sufficient information to be able to understand the research design, sampling design the analytical techniques and the statistical techniques applied/used in the study.
  • Results/Findings and Originality: this section should address key/main finding supported by empirical/objective data to answer the scientific question(s).
  • Conclusions or recommendations: this section should provide only conclusions of the study directly supported by the results. The recommendations should also be drawn from the conclusions, avoiding speculation and over generalization.

Other Guidelines:

  • The paper should be in English Language
  • The paper should not exceed SIX (6) pages including abstract title and authors details
  • Relevant references (6-15)

Conference Paper Template

Click to Download AEC2020 Conference Template

For more information, contact

  • Dr. Peter Akuon, UON CAE Conf NAIROBI, Committee Chair, Email:
  • Dr. Lorraine Ambole, Co-ordinator (Arts & Design), Email:
  • Dr. Kenneth Njoroge, Co-ordinator (Engineering), Email:
  • Mr. Michael Mangala, Co-ordinator (INST, Nuclear science), Email:
  • Dr. Romanus Opiyo, Co-ordinator (Built Environment), Email: