MSC Proposal Defence: Presenter: Ezekiel Waiguru

July 13, 10:00 am

Aerosol Remote Sensing and modelling:  The Impact of Vehicular Emissions on Air Pollution in Nairobi, Kenya


In cities experiencing rapid urbanisation and motorisation like Nairobi, deterioration of air quality is very fast owing to vehicular emissions. Studies have shown that air pollution poses a threat to human health and climate, it is, therefore, important to monitor and quantify the abundance of these pollutants in the atmosphere. Calibrated Highway Development and Management Model (HDM-4) is a useful tool for predicting traffic emissions by simulating the complex interactions in pavements, vehicles and the environment. The study seeks to model vehicle emissions including hydrocarbons HC, carbon monoxide CO, carbon dioxide CO2, sulphur dioxide SO2, nitrogen dioxide NO2, and particulate matter PM2.5. Changes in the distribution of pollutants (CO, NO2, SO2 and PM2.5) in space and over different periods of the year will be determined from Tropospheric Monitoring Instrument (TROPOMI) onboard Sentinel 5-P satellite.