training and a certification workshop in radio-tracers and gamma scanning for industrial applications

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Mon, 2018-09-10 12:48

The Institute of Nuclear Science & Technology, University of Nairobi has planned a national two(2) weeks training  and  a certification workshop in radiotracers and gamma scanning for industrial applications , from 24 September to 5 October, 2018 to be held at the  Institute of Nuclear Science & Technology , University of Nairobi and Kenya Bureau  of Stanards (KEBS) Laboratories.

A maximum of 14 participants are  invited from the public and the private sectors institutions , which are identified with  radiotracer industrial applications. 

The course contents consists of  theoretical principles, laboratory experiments  and field case studies   on the following topics ; Principles of radiotracer measureaments;

Selection and optimization of the radioactive tracer;  Tracer Characteristics,  radiotracers for typical industrial applications ;  Injection: Methodology- mixing length estimation, examples of injectors;  Practical radiotracer experiments – Industrial cases ; Data analysis and modelling  software.  

The  training course will be conducted by the IAEA consultants; Dr. Jovan Thereska and Dr. Jentsch Thorsten, assited with INST and KEBs trained and  certified ersonnel.  

The participants will be issued with level 2 equivalence ISTRA certification   after completion of the training course , and in addition, be registered with the  International Society of Tracers and Radiation Application (ISTRA),  paid for,  by the IAEA.  Due to radiation safety considerations, participants will be monitored for radiation exposures, during the experiements.

This therefore, to invite all  suitable potential  applicants  for participation. Please send me your CV that details your qualifications for selection on suitability.

Course Participation fee  Ksh. 20,000/=  per participant,  payable to KCB :  Account name: College of Architecture & Engineering (CAE), University of Nairobi, Branch: Kenya Commercial Bank, University Way, Account No: 1104698676  and be sent to the Director, Institute of Nuclear science & Technology, P.O. Box 30197-00100, Nairobi.

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