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Thu, 2018-06-21 14:41

Mr. Nahashon Nyambane, a Research Assistant at the Institute of Nuclear Science, University of Nairobi makes a poster presentation during the Aerosol Technology Conference (AT2018) which was held in University of the Basque Country, Bilbao,  Spain; 18-20  June 2018.  His poster was entitled 'Effect of droplet size in EHDA simple-jet mode without/with whipping break-up on evaporation'. The objective of his study was to characterize droplet size and size distributions in the simple-jet mode for a certain flow rate and nozzle inner diameter as a function of applied voltage. He also investigated the effect of electrosprayed droplets size on evaporation ratio. In order to investigate how droplet sizes influence the evaporation ratio modelling and simulation was done using MATLAB. The evaporation chamber was modelled based on input parameters for air (mass flow rate, temperature and relative humidity) and water (mass flow rate and temperature). The evaporation model created can be used to set input parameters that can be more appropriate for any evaporation process. 

His work is supported by the WaterHelp Foundation, The Netherlands, International Science Program, Sweden, NHL-University of Applied Science, The Netherlands and The University of Nairobi, Kenya 

Read full abstract here.

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