Roadmap to Self-reliance in Nuclear Power Technology: Korean Experience

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Fri, 2017-07-07 17:17
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Institute of Nuclear Science & Technology, CAE, UON

Dr Chan Oh Park giving the seminar

After the Second World War, Korea was facing a chronic power shortage and their first president, Dr Syngman Rhee, was looking for radical measures to address this problem. 

Phases of Nuclear development in Korea

In 1958, Mr Walker Lee Cisler made a courtesy call on the president and gave the nuclear energy as a way of dealing with the problem. He explained to the president that nuclear power source was to be squeezed from the human brain since it involved technological manipulation and prowess, unlike coal and oil which could be easily extracted from the ground. This source of energy was technology based and required many high-quality scientists and engineers.  This inspired the president, and within 10 years the government had sent 310 people under poor financial conditions outside the country to study. This was aimed at improving technical ability and obtaining high-quality human resources support in Korea.With dynamic and consistent government leadership, the country had developed into an industrial powerhouse. Korea is currently the 6th biggest nuclear capacity in the world with 22% of installed capacity coming from nuclear energy.

Our visiting lecturer Dr Chan Oh Park gave a seminar on “Roadmap to Self-reliance in Nuclear Power Technology: Korean Experience” on 7th July 2017 at the Institute of Nuclear Science & Technology conference room. In his seminar, he covered the characteristics of Nuclear Power Project, the history of Nuclear Power Development in Korea, how Korea achieved remarkable progress within a short period and the details of human resource development in Korea.


Complete seminar presentation can be downloaded here. The referenced materials are available in the links below.



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